January 2019’s Releases

Ola everyone and welcome to the January’s Psygressive & Darkrog releases! A world full of wonders, magic and…wait, nope, only music here! Dope one! Fully provided by amazing independants artists and labels such as : Zenon Records, Uroboros Records, Santimony Records, Anarkick Records, Another Psyde Records, Samaa Records, Universal Tribe Records, Weapon Records or even Electric Power Pole Records! No excuses here!

December 2018’s Releases

And here is the first post of 2019! I wish each and everyone of you all the best for this new year!
But don’t stay too much in the present as it is time again to go back to last month, with a lot of amazing releases that came out from Zenon Records, Occulta Records, Padang Records, Anarkick Recs, Universal Tribe Records and Another Psyde Records!
Go check all these beauties and don’t forget to support independant labels and artists!

November 2018’s Releases

Winter and it’s hibernation mode are finally activated and after numerous releases the last few months, november is a bit more shy. But hey, listening to this awesome music from Occulta Records and Zenon Records will warm up your body and mind very fast! As everytime, support independant labels and artists!

October 2018’s Releases

Hi there! Here we are, experiencing again time-traveling and going back to last month letting us time to enjoy really nice releases from Zenon Records, Uroboros Records, Padang Records, Atomes Music, Pistolero Recording and Another Psyde Records! Lots of new as long as well established artists for hours of great music listening so : enjoy and see you next month!

September 2018’s Releases

Hi everyone and welcome to the september’s 2018 Psygressive and Darkprog releases! As usual : enjoy all this amazing music, support independant artists and labels, support your local artists and remember to buy your music! 🙂 See you next month!

August 2018’s Releases

Hi there! August 2018 has been a very prolific month for psygressive and darkprog lovers! What a great way to celebrate the end of summer season with all those gems from Zenon Records, Uroboros Records, Insonitus Records , Padang Records, Technophobia Records, Anarkick Records, Pistolero Records and Erebos Records!
See you all very soon, support your artists, support the indy labels and scenes!

July 2018’s Releases

Hello there! Sorry for the delayed July article, summer happened! I hope everyone’s ready for all this new music to eat as heavy releases went out last month from : Zenon Records, Insonitus Records, Pistolero Rec, Weapon Records, Universal Tribe Records and Mighty Vibrations Records! See you all very soon!