June 2019’s Releases

Annnnnd i’m back on track! So, what did we missed last June? Well to be honest, a damn LOT of releases from everywhere! It feels great to see that the scene is in great shape, many new names are coming, let’s keep it that way shall we? To do so, let’s dive into this massive amount of psygressive and darkprog gems by : Occulta Records, Zenon Records, Insonitus Records, Technophobia Records, Parasomnia Records, Anarkick Records, Uroboros Records, Pistolero Recordings, Sentimony Records, Erebos Records and Universal Tribe Records! See you pretty soon for July!

March 2019’s Releases

Hi everyone! I know it is always about going back in time in here, and it will be, again, but first we will speak about the present as it is Psygressive Area’s birthday!
Yep, it’s been exactly two years since i started this website dedicated to all the Dark Prog & Psygressive aficionados and DJs ; a niche blog about niche music for niche people.
I just wanted to thank you for your support, i’m still doing it and will continue to do so because of you. But let’s not forget to thank all these amazing people : music producers, sound engineers, graphists, label managers ; people that dedicate their time and life for us to enjoy ours better.
Now more than ever we need to support independant artists, with words, feedbacks, by buying their music instead of downloading it, by any way possible to let this scene grow in the best possible way!

Aaaaaaand know what? You can do it now by discovering all the music that’s been released last month on awesome labels such as : Uroboros Records, Zenon Records, Insonitus Records, Our Minds Music, Weapon Records and Erebos Records!
See you next month for mooOAr!

September 2018’s Releases

Hi everyone and welcome to the september’s 2018 Psygressive and Darkprog releases! As usual : enjoy all this amazing music, support independant artists and labels, support your local artists and remember to buy your music! 🙂 See you next month!

August 2018’s Releases

Hi there! August 2018 has been a very prolific month for psygressive and darkprog lovers! What a great way to celebrate the end of summer season with all those gems from Zenon Records, Uroboros Records, Insonitus Records , Padang Records, Technophobia Records, Anarkick Records, Pistolero Records and Erebos Records!
See you all very soon, support your artists, support the indy labels and scenes!

July 2018’s Releases

Hello there! Sorry for the delayed July article, summer happened! I hope everyone’s ready for all this new music to eat as heavy releases went out last month from : Zenon Records, Insonitus Records, Pistolero Rec, Weapon Records, Universal Tribe Records and Mighty Vibrations Records! See you all very soon!

March 2018’s Releases

Hi everyone! It is time to start the time-travel machine and go back to march and enjoy all the awesome releases that came out! Quality music by Zenon Records, Uroboros Records, Insonitus Records, Parasomnia Records, Mighty Vibrations Records, Pistolero Recording and Another Psyde Records! Please don’t forget to support the artists and labels if you enjoy the music! See you next month!