December 2019’s Releases

I can’t believe i’m offering you a second Christmas gift.. (because yeah, you only had one i guess, you badboys and badgirls) but hey, that’s how am i, giving, giving giving…Anyway, last december 2019 was a very prolific month, quality and quantity wise so don’t be afraid to take a day-off work to feed your ears and bodies with the amazing releases from : Zenon Records, Occulta Records, Padang Records, Technophobia Records, Atomes Music, ADN Music, Universal Tribe Records, Mighty Vibrations Records and Technosis Records! I know right? Maybe two days?

November 2019’s Releases

Hi everyone! I think we’ve never got that far into the past before but hey, i’m right on time on my non existent schedule! So Here are the November 2019 releases and there’s some serious quality in there by labels such as : Zenon Records, Padang Records, Atomes Music, Technophobia Records, Anarkick Records and Another Psyde Records! Let’s enjoy 2019 again with the classy touch of 2020!

October 2019’s Releases

Hi there! Time to get back to October and discover all the quality releases that have been out on Zenon Records, Technosis Records, Occulta Records, Technophobia Records, Padang Records and Weapon Records! As always…support your scene, artists, labels, buy your music instead of downloading it and have fun digging!

September 2019’s Releases

September Darkprog and Psygressive releases are finally there! Lots of quality music to dig into from labels such as : Technophobia Records, Zenon Records, Padang Records, Erebos Records, Universal Tribe Records, Weapon Records and Pistolero Records!

August 2019’s Releases

Hi everyone! You know the mantra so repeat after me with your best voice : ” Support the artists and labels! Buy your music! Give credits! Like, share and give feedbacks to the artists! Support your scene! ”
Bravo! You are now entitled to be a great music lover! But now it is time to have a rest, have a good beverage, keep calm and listen to the good music that has been released last month by Zenon Records, Padang Records, Jaira Records and Pistolero Records! See you very soon!

April 2019’s Releases

Hi there! Lots and lots of greaaaaat music has been released last month so you better be prepared to dive deep into those gems! Thanks a lot to all the artists and labels : Zenon Records, technophobia Records, Pistolero Records, Sentimony Records, Uroboros Records, Occulta Records, Padang Records, Jaira Rcords and Omaha Records! See you next month!

February 2019’s Releases

Hello dear humans, please stop what you’re doing, take a seat, have a drink, turn the volume up but not too much, and enjoy those beautiful gifts from last month, carefully crafted by authentic independant alien artists and labels such as : Occulta Records, Zenon Records, Sentimony Records, Technosis Records, Padang Records, Jaira Records and Hypnotic Peafowl! Try not to fuck up your planet until next month!