January 2020’s Releases

Hi my dear deRkperG followship! Is it too late to say happy new year? Probably but as January is back, the topic remains open. Feel free not to wish you anything, or not. Anyway as you can see my new year resolution went perfectly well, sadly as i am travelling abroad for holidays in Mexico next week until mid march, i will not be able to post anything until i come back toasted. As a gift to dry your desperate tears, i give you the first releases of 2020, figuring amazing medical bleeps for your body by the great : Zenon Records, Jaira Records, Sentimony Records, Universal Tribe Records and Another Psyde records! Enjoy now, thank them later, and see you after (my) summer!

December 2019’s Releases

I can’t believe i’m offering you a second Christmas gift.. (because yeah, you only had one i guess, you badboys and badgirls) but hey, that’s how am i, giving, giving giving…Anyway, last december 2019 was a very prolific month, quality and quantity wise so don’t be afraid to take a day-off work to feed your ears and bodies with the amazing releases from : Zenon Records, Occulta Records, Padang Records, Technophobia Records, Atomes Music, ADN Music, Universal Tribe Records, Mighty Vibrations Records and Technosis Records! I know right? Maybe two days?

September 2019’s Releases

September Darkprog and Psygressive releases are finally there! Lots of quality music to dig into from labels such as : Technophobia Records, Zenon Records, Padang Records, Erebos Records, Universal Tribe Records, Weapon Records and Pistolero Records!

June 2019’s Releases

Annnnnd i’m back on track! So, what did we missed last June? Well to be honest, a damn LOT of releases from everywhere! It feels great to see that the scene is in great shape, many new names are coming, let’s keep it that way shall we? To do so, let’s dive into this massive amount of psygressive and darkprog gems by : Occulta Records, Zenon Records, Insonitus Records, Technophobia Records, Parasomnia Records, Anarkick Records, Uroboros Records, Pistolero Recordings, Sentimony Records, Erebos Records and Universal Tribe Records! See you pretty soon for July!

may 2019’s Releases

Hi friends! I know i know, i’m always late but it is never too late for you to discover great music! And last month has been veryyy prolific so be prepared for an avalanche of quality releases from Zenon Records, Sentimony Records, Another Psyde Records, Universal tribe records, Technophobia Records, Parasomnia Records, Weapon Records, Omaha Records and Mighty Vibrations Records! Is it enough for you to be happy?

January 2019’s Releases

Ola everyone and welcome to the January’s Psygressive & Darkrog releases! A world full of wonders, magic and…wait, nope, only music here! Dope one! Fully provided by amazing independants artists and labels such as : Zenon Records, Uroboros Records, Santimony Records, Anarkick Records, Another Psyde Records, Samaa Records, Universal Tribe Records, Weapon Records or even Electric Power Pole Records! No excuses here!

December 2018’s Releases

And here is the first post of 2019! I wish each and everyone of you all the best for this new year!
But don’t stay too much in the present as it is time again to go back to last month, with a lot of amazing releases that came out from Zenon Records, Occulta Records, Padang Records, Anarkick Recs, Universal Tribe Records and Another Psyde Records!
Go check all these beauties and don’t forget to support independant labels and artists!